Mental Health Referrals

The Plymouth County Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) partners with Family, Community and Resources in Brockton to provide trauma-informed, mental health referrals to community agencies that have appropriately certified clinicians. All clinicians that see the children who are referred to the CAC must hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Psychology or Social Work and must possess a 40 hour certification in TF-CBT, CFTSI, EMDR, PCIT, AF-CBT or CPP. Mental Health treatment is the first step in assisting children and families in the healing process. The referrals are critical to helping children and families receive appropriate services in the community.

Research has shown that providing intervention and therapy immediately after the abuse is disclosed may reduce the severity and duration of trauma related reactions. Services are available in several languages.

Services Provided:

  1. Assessment and Crisis Intervention:

    A Mental Health Consultant is available to meet with the family and determine the most appropriate services for each child and family member. Many children come to the Center unaware of their own trauma as a result of the abuse.

  2. Referrals:

    Recognizing the need for specific treatment for child victims, the CAC developed a network of community providers from specialized agencies to which families can be referred.

  3. Therapy:

    Children and family members are referred to area counseling services in the community where they live. These services may include but not be limited to: ongoing counseling, group therapy, and evaluations.

Impact of Abuse
on Children:

Children who have been abused may experience some symptoms associated with trauma including: flashbacks, sleep disturbances (nightmares), irritability, depression, suicidal ideation, delusions, hallucinations, behavior problems, school and learning problems, and low self-esteem.