State of the Art Pediatric Sane Suite

Pediatric-SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) Nurses, who are nurse practitioners trained in recognizing the signs of child abuse, conduct the medical exams. The SANE Nurse collects evidence and documents findings using specialized cameras called med-scopes.

A Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (PediSANE) is part of the team available to the child and family. The PediSANE can provide information regarding growth, development, sexuality, and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. They can also answer any other questions the child or family may have. The PediSANE is specially trained to care for children when there is a concern or report of sexual abuse. This care may include the recommendation that a child have a forensic medical exam or a healthy body exam.

The Importance of the Exam:

The exam is not painful or invasive and it is important for many reasons. 

Services Provided:

  1. Ensure the health and well-being of the child

  2. Reassure the child that everything is okay with their body

  1. To diagnose and treat medical conditions that may be related to sexual assault

  2. To document any possible physical and forensic findings

  3. To collect forensic evidence the may be present on the child’s body (if the exam is conducted within 72 hours)